How to Make Christmas Special

How To Make Christmas Special

Get a clear idea of how to make Christmas special! These fabulous tips will help you get clear on what makes Christmas special for you  - and show you ways you can make the holidays more meaningful and memorable for everyone.

If you want to know how to have the perfect Christmas, let's begin! 

What Makes Christmas Special For You?

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The first question to ask yourself is what makes Christmas special for you? Is it the family togetherness? The religious aspect of it? Giving gifts that the receiver really loves rather than just some last minute thing you picked up? 

What would make it the perfect day this year? Get really clear about what makes Xmas merry and memorable to you - it will really help you to focus on which aspects of the holiday season to 'level up'!

 Write out a 'Perfect Christmas Manifesto' of the things you want to invoke.

How To Have The Perfect Christmas

This will be your guide when choosing activities for the day.

Next think about what doesn't make it special for you. What can you stop doing? Yes, you may have to go visit old Aunt Claudia out of duty, but how can you minimize the impact of Christmas duties you don't like?

For me this was Christmas cards. I HATE writing them out. So now I order them printed with the holiday message from us inside. Does that go against the spirit of Christmas? Yes, probably. But I am a lot happier doing it this way and that is what counts surely :)

Christmas Theme Ideas

Now you know what you want and don't want from Christmas, it is time to set a theme. Are you craving comfortable and cosy? Or elegant and  luxurious? Romantic? Traditional?

What is your theme for Christmas this year? 

How To Do Christmas

You should now have a clearer idea of what makes Christmas special for you, and some insights on what you need to do to make the day go your way. Think about the following in respect to your decided theme -

Setting the Scene - How can you dress your house or room to 'stage' Christmas according to your theme? You can invoke the feel you want with just a few changes. Just keep your overall theme in mind as you go. It doesn't need to be expensive. Small finishing touches can make all the difference. I have some ideas for you below.

Dress Up, or Dress Down! Based on your Christmas manifesto, does your Xmas outfit need a comfy sweater over pajamas? Or is it time to dress in style. What you are wearing will have an impact on how you feel during the day. It is easy to invoke a feeling of elegance when you are dressed like a Diva! 

Plan Activities - Use your theme to think of activities that will make the day memorable.  Choose some great activities to bring a little excitement to the day and resonate with your manifesto. If you were wanting to invoke 'togetherness' then choose activities everyone does together. If you were wanting peace and calm then perhaps skip the annual game of charades and suggest a long walk.  Check out these ideas of what to do on Christmas day.

How to Have The Perfect Christmas

Special Christmas Decorations To Set The Scene

Small finishing touches can make a big difference to the 'feel' of Christmas day. Go all out to create an inviting atmosphere. Here are some little touches that will work with any budget.

  1. Add light
    Lighting makes a huge difference to the ambience of a room. Christmas lights and candles make an easy room and table decoration and can really help to set the scene. Candlelight is cosy and welcoming, especially a few clustered together. If you have little ones, then these battery tea candles make a safe option. 

  2. Bring in the outdoors
    Flowers, pine cones, and festive greenery garlands. All will add to the festive Christmas atmosphere. For an elegant look try long pussy willow stems in a striking metallic vase. Or green garlands give a homely rustic feel.

  3. Xmas smells
    Smell is important in creating an atmosphere. We stud oranges with cloves and leave them on a radiator for an instant smell of all things Christmasy. Or try a pot of mulled wine warming on the stove. 

4. Add music
Whether you prefer classical Christmas hymns or festive and upbeat, music will help set the tone.

5. Cover Ups! 
Use throws or fabric over soft furnishings to add festive color and help set the scene according to your theme. For a cosy and comfortable look use Christmas themed throws or woollen blankets (think Nordic!). Or add a touch of elegance with gold sparkly fabric over the sofa or add a shimmery pillow - it will give the room a whole new look. 

6. Use Holiday Artwork
Printable Christmas art is inexpensive and can replace your normal art over the Holiday season. Try a festive welcome message near the doorway or a fun Christmas message in the kitchen. 

Special Christmas Food

Food always plays a big role at Christmas! You can use your menu and how you present your food to keep your theme going. Although Christmas dinner itself is traditional fare, you can theme the extras with flair. Can you see how the following ideas would evoke different feelings? 

Cozy Christmas Food Ideas

  • Warming soups
  • Hot chocolate
  • Eggnog
  • Cookies
  • Candy canes

Elegant Christmas Food

  • Champagne
  • Cocktails
  • Delicate finger foods
  • Luxury dark chocolate
  • Chocolate truffles

You don't have to spend all day in the kitchen. Select a recipe or two that will add to your theme and if possible prepare them in advance.

Christmas Eggnog Recipe

And A Final Quick Note About Christmas Food:

Make The Holidays Special

After all the work you have put in, remember to relax and enjoy!

You can't micro manage every moment of the day. When there is family involved it isn't always possible to get everyone pulling together. Sometimes you have to go with the flow! So just relax and have fun. There is always next year :)

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