Daily Gratitude Made Easy

Daily Gratitude Practice Made Easy

Having a daily gratitude practice brings so many benefits. When I can stick to my gratitude practice then I feel better, more positive and cheerful. And more grateful for the things I already have!

Sticking to daily gratitude doesn't have to be hard work if you set up things to go smoothly and easily right from the beginning. 

Here are 3 great ways you can make keeping a gratitude journal every day easy for yourself.

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1. Free 30 Days of Gratitude Printable

30 days of gratitude printable journal

I designed this printable to give me a quick reminder to journal about what I love and am thankful for. The 8x10 printable actually sits on my desk, but you could add it to your bullet journal or planner.

30 days of gratitude free printable planner page

30 Days of Gratitude

Download (by clicking on the image) and print your gratitude planner page.

Every day for 30 days, just fill out one of the hearts with a reason you are grateful.

Start afresh the following month!

2. Pocket Gratitude Journal

I love small things! This mini journal is my 'to go' journal that I can take everywhere.  I can work on my thankfulness practice even when I am out and about because this tiny journal fits into my purse - or my pocket.

The journal is good for a week - 7 pages of space to quickly jot down things you are thankful for as they happen. 

The mini journals print onto a single page and then fold into an 8 page booklet.

They are easy to fold once you give it a try. Why not download and print a few ready to grab and go?

Click images to download

Love where you are quote

3. Easy Gratitude Journal

After I had bullet journaled for a while I fell in love with box type spreads. I wanted a gratitude journal that would mimic my bullet journal layout. So I designed one! 

I used a monthly spread with one box per day. It is easy to fill out every day with at word or a drawing. I love that I see a whole month together to give me an overview of how that month is going (gratitude wise!).

The journal is a 5 year undated journal - so start anytime and get your gratitude practice started.

5 Year Easy Gratitude Journal

I hope these three journal ideas will help get your daily gratitude practice back on track. 

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Daily Gratitude Made Easy
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