How to Print Invitations

Printing Help and FAQ

Need some help on how to print invitations from this site? You are in the right place!

With so many different printers and computers, it is difficult to be detailed about how to get your free printable invitations printed out - but here are some general guides to help you get the best results.

How to Print Invitations - Printing Help and Hints


To download invitations from you will need to have a copy of Adobe PDF reader on your computer. You can download and install it for FREE here.

If you are having any problems opening the invitations, then I recommend you download and install a current version of the Adobe software.

Page Size

All my invitations are designed to print directly onto a single page with no cutting required (except sometimes to cut two invitations apart).

Each invitation is available in two sizes - A4 or Letter. You need to select the right version for the paper you are using in your printer.

You can find out more about paper sizes on wikipedia, but generally 'letter' is the standard size used within North America (8.5" x 11"), and A4 size is used within the UK, Australia and Europe.

If your invitation is not printing correctly on the page, please check you have selected the link to the right paper size.

Page Orientation

Some of my invitations are designed to print in landscape orientation instead of portrait. Your printer should pick this up and print it correctly automatically. But some printers may reduce the size of the invitation to fit onto a portrait orientated page.

If your invitation is printing smaller than the size of the full page, then you may need to change the orientation of the paper.

Go to your Printer Properties and select Preferences.

Under preferences, choose the Page Setup tab. You will then be able to change the paper orientation from Portrait to Landscape.

I wish you hassle free printing and many printed invitations!

Ready to find an invitation you like? Check out my free printable invitations index!

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