Origami Invitations

Free Printable Chatterbox Invites

Need a fun invitation idea?

Whether you call them chatterbox, cootie catchers or fortune teller, these origami invitations make an unusual way to invite guests to a party.

Origami Invitations - Party Invitation Ideas

There are two designs - suitable for birthdays or other types of parties.

They fold up flat for posting! Inside they hold details of who, where, when and how to RSVP.  I have clearly marked where you can write out your party information before folding them.

They make a memorable way to invite your guests. A blast from the past and very fun for kids especially.

Printable Party Origami Invitations

This first one is a little brighter and bolder with strong primary colors. 

The outside section just says 'party' so you can use it for different events. 

Free printable origami invitations - chatterbox

Free printable:

Free printable chatterbox invitation

Chatterbox Invite 

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Chatterbox Invites.

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Origami Invitation

Scroll to the bottom of the page for folding instructions!

This is a slightly more subdued color version! This time I changed the outside text to phrases such as 'Hurrah' and 'Pssst!'

Printable Origami Cootie Catcher Invitations

Print your own:

Free printable Cootie Catcher Invitation

Cootie Catcher Invitation

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Cootie Catcher Invites.

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Fortune Teller Invitation

How to fold:

If it has been a while you may have forgotten how to fold your fortune teller! It might take you a couple of tries, but once you figure it out it becomes easy. 

Here are some instructions for you.

How to fold Chatterbox, Cootie Catcher Invitations

When you are folding the corners into the middle (see step 6, 9 and 10) then you should be able to see the colored/printed side of the invitation.

If you want to post your invitation, then fold it flat again as it appears in step 11.

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