Who is behind FromtheRookery?

Wondering who is behind this website?

I'm Julie - and I love designing!

I live in the UK and have two children. I initially started this website ten years ago so I could share some of the invitation designs I have created for the kids over the years. And those I created just for my own amusement. And once I got going, more kept coming :)

The designing bug grew as I found myself also creating printable gifts and cards and notebooks and guest books and t-shirts and.... you get the picture :)

I expanded the site to help make gift giving easy! 

I want to help you find just the perfect gift. Either one I have made for you - or some other idea that makes you want to high five me!

Then I decided I had more I wanted to share! 

The site now covers an eclectic range around the theme of celebration. Not just fun ways to celebrate the holidays and seasons - but celebrating the little things in life, cherishing small moments - and most of all, how to take the time to celebrate yourself. 

If you can't find what you are looking for, drop me a line and I will do my best to help. 

If you find something you love on this site, please share it with your friends. All my pages have a box like this one to help you share on facebook or pinterest.

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Please use it! 

Thank you and I hope you find this website useful.


What next?

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