Pool Party Invitation

Pool Party Invitation

Having a celebration and need a pool party invitation?

I have got some fantastic invites for you - and they are all free printable downloads! 

On this page I have designed two cute invites for pool parties. I had kids in mind but I think they would work for adults too. 

Both print out two per page - much quicker printing if you have a lot of guests! I am not sure which my favorite is - scroll down and decide for yourself!

Printable Pool Party Invitation Cards

Pretty wave pattern in different colored blues. I added a beach ball and some thongs/flip-flops to get you in the right mood! It is a simple design but works well for lots of different types of pool parties.

Pool Party Invitation

Free printable:

Printable Pool Party Invitation

Beach Ball Invite 

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Beachball Invites.

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Blue Pool Invitation

Another very simple design to save your ink! It has a splash of color at the bottom to bring the invite to life.

Printable Pool Party Invitation

Print your own:

Pool Party Invitation - free printable invites

Pool Invitation

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Blue Pool Invitation.

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Pool Party Invites

We love pool parties (although we can't always guarantee the weather for them here in the UK!). 

One thing I have found, is that it pays to provide lots of shade for your guests - particularly if you live in a hot area.

If you don't have some trees nearby, why not make your own shade? I found this inexpensive DIY way to make your own canopies here. You could erect it in different ways, and use any trees or buildings around the pool too. A few of these around the pool gives everyone a place to escape from the sun. And don't forget to have lots of sunscreen on hand too.

I have always found seating at pool parties to be a problem - especially if you have lots of guests. Everything gets so wet! Inflatables covered with towels work well for a kids party. Or try crates with towels on top for adults.

Want to see more invitation ideas? I have several more for you to take a look at :)

More Pool Party Invites!

More Pool Party Invitations

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Waves Pool Party Invitations
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