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Printable Free Luncheon Party Invites 

Are you looking for some free printable lunch invitations for your luncheon party?

There is something nostalgic about hosting a lunch party in this day and age. Lunch is a perfect time to socialize - or discuss a business proposition. It can be as informal as a trip to a Pizza bar - or a several course banquet. These invites will help you invoke that sense of a bygone age - the getting together to share food.

Whether you are hosting the luncheon for a bridal shower, as lunchtime birthday party invitations or just for fun, these invitations are sure to please.

These old 'masters' are inspired by still-life paintings of tables set with food. The elegant invites fold to make a card with space to write your party details. And leaves plenty of room for directions or other details. 

Printable Lunch Invitations

Based on an Old Master, this invite really invokes days gone by. Perfect for a formal occasion. Or I think this one might work for a picnic too, don't you?

Tempt your guests by including a pretty printout of your menu.

Lunch Invitations - free printable invites

Free Printable

Free printable lunch invitations

Old Master Lunch Invite

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Lunch Invite.

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Lunch Invite (A4)

Again, another very gorgeous invitation. 

This prints onto a single page of paper and then folds into a sturdy card.

Lunch Invitations - Free printable invites

Free to print version

Free printable old master lunch invitations

Formal Lunch Invites

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Printable Luncheon Invitation.

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Lunch Party Invitation

I hope you like these two invites and they work well for your event.

If not, check out some of the other designs on this website.

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Lunch Invitations

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