Farewell Lunch Invitation Template

Farewell Lunch Invitation

Are you looking for a farewell lunch invitation?

These free printable luncheon invites are the perfect way to invite your colleagues, staff or friends to come say good-bye. 

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Are you leaving?

Leaving lunches are becoming a popular way to say good-bye. Especially to the people in your office. You could email them an invite of course - but emails get lost or ignored. A printed invite is a stylish way to help people remember to come!

I have design two stylish invitations for you to choose from. Both print two to a page for faster printing. The would work well for many kinds of events - from a retirement lunch to a moving house party.

Farewell Lunch Invitation

First up is a very stylish invitation. A striking purple and black design. It is fairly heavy on the ink - you might be better not to use the office printer unless you want to leave under a cloud!

This one works well for all kinds of lunches, from formal dinners to a meet up in your local cafe :) I think it would be perfect for a retirement lunch for example.

Farewell Lunch Invitation

Free Printable

Free printable Farewell lunch invite

Purple Farewell Invite

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Farewell Invites.

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Farewell Lunch Invitations

The second invite on this page is more informal - and a little less ink greedy! I love how this one looks like a menu.

Featuring a stylish coffee cup it would be good for local venues or bars. Great for staff or colleagues. Or as a moving house farewell invite. 

Need a card or a gift?

If you are looking for a farewell card or gift then I have some fabulous designs available on Zazzle. Be sure to select your country (in the top right hand corner) for local printing and delivery. 

Goodbye Lunch Invite

Farewell Lunch Invitation - Free Printable Invite

Farewell Luncheon Invites

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Informal Farewells.

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Staff Farewell Lunch

I hope you like these two invites.

Not quite what you had in mind? I have more on this site. Here are some recommendations to get you started.

I hope you have a wonderful leaving party.

More Farewell and Lunch Ideas

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Free Printable Farewell Invites
Goodbye Lunch Invitation
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