Reasons why I love you list

Reasons Why I love You

We can normally name a few 'reasons why I love you' but beyond that?

A lot of people buy my 'Reasons We Love You' posters and have them filled out by friends and family as an alternative guest book.

But some customers also fill them out as a personal gift to someone they love. When that involves 50 or 60 reasons, it can start to get hard work to think of new things to write! 

40 reasons why I love you gift idea

I wanted to compile a list to help you should you get stuck for inspiration! If you are not sure how to fill in all those hearts, then I hope this will give you some ideas. 

Reasons Why I Love You

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I broke it down into different categories so you could skim through some different types of ideas! The list includes ideas that are suitable for Moms/Dads etc and not just a romantic partner. 

They may not all fit, but I hope there are enough ideas for when you get stuck.


  • You are always cheerful
  • You are supportive
  • You are honest
  • You are hardworking
  • You make me laugh
  • Because you are always there when I need you
  • You are the best Mom/girlfriend/husband ever
  • You are adventurous
  • Your optimism
  • Your confidence
  • You are loyal and true
  • You are a good listener
  • You speak your mind
  • You forgive me when I am wrong
  • You have a good heart
  • You are smart
  • Easy to talk to
  • Your passion for life
  • You are simply you!

50 Reasons Why I Love You Poster


  • I could drown in your eyes
  • Your beautiful smile
  • You make my knees go weak
  • That look you give me that tells me you love me
  • That first kiss did it!
  • For being my 'better' half
  • The way your hair smells
  • The way your hair falls into your eyes
  • You are gorgeous/pretty/amazing/beautiful/handsome
  • The way you say my name
  • You snuggle with me
  • You are a calming presence
ZL reasonsI love you-card-40th-blue

Things they do for us

  • You take out the garbage! 
  • You take the kids to the park
  • You keep the car working
  • You hold my hand
  • You are the best babysitter!
  • You give great advice
  • You catch the spiders
  • You laugh at my jokes
  • You bake the BEST cookies
  • Your BBQ sauce
  • You are an amazing dad/mom/sister
  • You cheer me up when I am sad
  • You make me feel good
  • You walk the dog in the rain
  • You let me be myself
  • You are a true friend
  • You take the time to ...
  • You always think of others
  • You make the world a better place
  • You bring out the best in everyone

Positive Words

  • Funny
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Brave
  • Stylish
  • Role model
  • Positive
  • Fabulous
  • Cool
  • Creative
  • Outstanding
  • Playful
  • Unique
  • Hugs
  • Strong
  • Amazing
  • Awesome
  • Fun
  • Inspiring
  • Laugh
  • Cuddly
  • Generous
  • Happy
  • Optimistic
  • Sweet
  • True
60 Reasons Why I Love You

Things they like

  • You love xx (books, the Jets, gardening)
  • You are a great friend to x
  • You love (popcorn, donuts, coffee) 
  • The way you watch ...
  • You love me!


  • Because you can never find your socks
  • Because you always blurt out the wrong thing
  • Because you sing off key in the shower
  • Because you are slightly (ok a lot) weird!
  • Because you appreciate how amazing I am
  • You are a big kid at heart
  • Your sarcastic wit
  • You are adorably dorky
  • How you snore
60 Reasons we love you alternative guest book poster idea

I hope that helps to get your own creative ideas coming for filling out the posters! 

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Reasons why we love you
Reasons Why I Love You list
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