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Visual Word of the Year!

Your Word of The Year as an image!

I absolutely love to chose a word each year - it really helps to set a theme for the year and can have such a positive impact on how you approach the year.

But they say an image is worth a thousand words and I have totally found that to be true with my word of the year. 

Visualize Your Word Of The Year

If choosing a word for the year isn't something you normally do, then I totally recommend it.

The aim of the word is to give you a focal point. It helps to give you clarity about what you want from the new year, and then reminds you of where you need to be heading. When you live with a word for a year it can nudge your behaviour and thoughts in a new direction. Or just become a constant reminder of who you want to be. 

word of the year

But why not take this a step further and find an image that represents your word?

Taking the time to find the right image is an education in itself! It really helps you to 'see' your theme word more clearly. I find that an image helps me feel the essence or feeling of the word I have chosen, in ways that the word itself often can't portray. And it becomes a totem for the year. 

Here are my tips for choosing and using your perfect image

  • Take your time! It is much harder to find the perfect image than you would think! You will know when you find it, but you may have to live with some 'not quite' pictures for a while until you really get clear about what image is needed.

  • Visual Symbol. The image doesn't have to be a traditional picture of your word. You are looking for something that instead invokes the feelings the word brings. See your image as a visual symbol.
  • Let it become a constant reminder. Having an image is useful not just for adding to your vision board. Frame a copy and place it on your desk. Use it in your journal. An image is more discreet than a word so easy to place out in your environment to remind you where you are heading. 

  • Change it up! As you go through the year you may find your image no longer represents your word as well as before. Over the year our relationship with our chosen word can change - and so a new image will be needed. Feel free to find a new image that better represents your new feelings on the matter. 

Why not give it a try? Find an image that represents your word of the year and see where it takes you! 

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What's your word of the year image?
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