60th Birthday Party Invitation

Free Printable Sixtieth Birthday Invites

Looking for a bright and fun 60th birthday party invitation?

This one could be just what you are looking for! This free printable invite prints two copies to a page - just print and cut apart.

Printable 60th Birthday Party Invitation

A sixtieth birthday is definitely cause for celebration - and this boldly colored invitation will get everyone into party mood. Plus there is plenty of space on the back of these invitations to write directions or other party information.

60th Birthday Party Invitation

Simply scroll down to choose your paper type (A4 or letter). Use the links to open the invitation in a new window, ready for printing. If you need some help with printing then see this page on how to print invitations.

60th birthday party invitation - free printable sixtieth party invite

This stylish looks great printed onto paper - or try light weight card for a more formal effect. Colored paper would work well too - but do a test before printing out lots.

Free printable version:

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60th Party Invite 

usflag Letter -
60th Birthday Party Invite.

blank flag A4 -
60th Birthday Invitation (A4)

Make sure you print an extra few copies of your invitation in-case you need to run an extra few off for last minute guests. Keep your guest list handy and mark off each person as you fill out the invite for them. You can use the same list to keep track of who accepts your invite and who needs chasing for a reply.

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Have an absolutely fabulous party! I hope it goes well for you.

60th Birthday Invite

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