Printable 60th Birthday Invitations

Need some 60th Birthday Invitations for you party? Look no further than my free printable invites 

A friend of mine recently celebrated her sixtieth, and I wanted to add a nice selection of printable invites for her to choose from. Well, you only have a 60th birthday once!

Whatever type of party you have decided to hold to celebrate being sixty, then I hope the right invitation is here for you too.

My invites are easy to print - and best of all there is no charge and no having to sign up for anything. Just choose the one you like best, and print it straight away.

I bet you haven't got to sixty without recognizing a good deal when you see one!

Best 60th Birthday Invitations

60th Birthday Party Invitation

This invite is bright and bold. It looks very stylish printed onto crisp white paper. It prints two copies per page so you will need to cut the invites apart.

60th Birthday Party Invitations

Two great designs that your guests will have fun receiving. Choose from 'Maturing like a Fine Wine' or 'Not Quite Over the Hill'.

Both print and fold to make a card with plenty of space to write your party details inside.

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

Is the Party a surprise? Tell your guests to keep it under their hat! 

Not specifically for 60th but might be perfect for your event.

More Free Printable Invitations

Not specifically designed as a 60th birthday invitation - but these are one of the most popular invites on my site, and suit all types of party.

60th Birthday Wishes

60 Reasons We Love You

Need a gift idea?

This beautiful poster contains 60 hearts for you to fill out reasons you love the birthday girl!

It makes a lovely personalized family gift - or use it at a party and get the guests to sign their greetings.

Take a look at this fabulous 60th Birthday Present Idea

60th Birthday Invitations

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