Printable Valentine Invitations

Invitations for Valentine Parties

Having a Valentines day party?

These free Valentine invitations are a beautiful way to invite your guests.

Choose from six cute or romantic designs. Perfect for both kids and adult parties. I had so much fun designing these - I hope you love them as much as I do!

Free Valentines Day Party Invitation Cards

Valentine Invitations - Free printable invite cards

Red Hearts Invite

This beautiful red hearts design is bright and bold. But make sure you stock up on red ink if you are printing a lot of them.

I would also recommend you only print a few at a time. The red color is very strong and can smudge if another invitation is printed straight away.

Worth the effort though - it looks stunning!

Red Hearts Valentine Party Invite

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Valentine Party Invites.

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Red Heart Invitation

Valentine Party Invites

Teddy and Heart Valentine Invites

Isn't this cute? Let this Valentine bear do your inviting for you!

I really designed this one with kids in mind. Would be great for a Valentine's Day tea party.

Print and fold.

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Teddy Valentine Invitation.

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Cute Valentine Party Invites
Cute Teddy Valentine Invitation

Valentine Party Invitations

Valentine Party Invitations

Pink and red hearts! These design has a pretty pink heart border - with a striking splash of color from the red heart balloons.

This lovely invite is simple and stylish. Why not use a gold or pink pen to fill out your details.

Pink heart valentine party invitations - free printable

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Pink and Red Heart Invites.

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Pretty Valentine Invitation

Valentine Party Invitations - Free Printable

Balloon Valentine Invitation

Red sophistication! What says 'Valentine' more than heart shaped balloons. A very clean design that will save you ink!

This is one of my favorite designs - very stylish but would work well for lots of types of parties.

Try adding a little heart shaped confetti to your envelope for an elegant touch.

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Stylish Red Valentine Invitation.

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Valentine Party Invites

Valentine's Day Hearts

Red hearts. I think this design is absolutely stunning and I hope you do too.

Several red hearts at the bottom of the invite - and the party details at the top. This prints beautifully with two invites per page.  It would make a wonderful adult party invitation, or a special Valentine dinner one. 

For a special touch, use a red or gold pen to fill out the details.

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Designer Red Heart Invites.

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Hearts Valentine Invitation

Pretty in Pink

Pretty pink and red hearts. This invitation is simple and understated - but still very stylish. It used much less ink to print if that is a consideration for you.

I think this invite would work well for lots of different types of Valentine events. 

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Pink Hearts Invitation.

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Simple Hearts Invite

Printable Valentine Invitations

According to Wikipedia valentine's day became associated with romantic love during the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. Today, we often celebrate with a party.

Valentine day parties can be so much fun - for all ages. No-one will want to miss out, so make sure you get your invites out in plenty of time. And include all the details such as times and directions.

It is very easy to decorate your party to give a special romantic feel. You just need a little creativity. Pink and red balloons are almost essential! And if you can afford the heart shaped ones then they will add extra flair.

Every party needs a game or two to get everyone in the mood - how about trying to pin the heart on the donkey! Food can also make a difference. Little heart shaped biscuits or cookies would be perfect.

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printable Valentine Cards

Are you looking for some ideas for your Valentine's Day Party? I have been collecting ideas on my pinterest board. It has lots of easy 'do it yourself' decoration ideas and recipes for both kids and adults. Take a look here:

Follow Julie @'s board Valentine's Day Parties on Pinterest.

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Free Printable Valentines Invitations
Valentine Party Invitations - Free Templates
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