Free Printable Surprise Birthday Invitations

Shh.. Is it a secret? These surprise birthday invitations will let your guests know to keep it quiet.

Trying to keep a birthday party a secret can be difficult. It is import to make sure that everyone knows it is a surprise.

Whether the celebration is for a 50th birthday, 60th or any other age - these fun invites are just the ticket.

Tip : Try printing out your invite onto different colored papers to make more of a splash.

Free Printable Surprise Birthday Invitations

Bright and fun - this party invite is perfect for all kinds of surprise celebrations. It has a slight grunge effect which is very modern. A versatile but interesting design.

Surprise Birthday Invitations - Free Printable Party Invites

Free Printable

Another bright and modern design, this one particularly for birthdays. Is is a simple, clean desgin that looks fabulous printed out.

Surprise Birthday Invitations - Free Printable Party Invites

Print Your Own:

Customize your invite

Why not let us take the strain! Customize your invitation with your party details - and create your own unique downloadable version.

Personalized Surprise birthday invitations

Use the form below to personalize what you would like the invite to say. You can change the font and size to get everything looking nice.

Use the preview button until you are happy with it.

Then we will create an instant download file for you and email you a link when you buy.

Type your invite details here:

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Use the preview button to check you invite is great BEFORE you buy.

How it works:

  1. Type out your party details into the form
  2. Select your paper size. Letter or A4?
  3. Preview your information and check everything is correct. You must check the details BEFORE you buy. You might like to print out the draft version to make sure everything is ok.
  4. When you are happy with the draft, click the buy button.
  5. You will be taken through the buying process. 
  6. A copy of your invitation will be available immediately - AND an email download link will be sent to your email address.
  7. If you aren't completely satisfied with your invite I will return your money - no questions asked.

Printed and Delivered

Would you like a version of this professionally printed and delivered?

This invitation is available on Zazzle - a print company that will print and deliver for you. All the text can be totally customized - fonts, sizes, color - to portray your particular event. 

Surprise parties are difficult to plan so you need to be super organized!

Firstly decide when to send your printable invitations! You will need to give everyone plenty of notice about the party - but don't send them too far in advance. It is easy for people to forget it is supposed to be a surprise.

Be specific about how you would like people to respond to the invite. There is plenty of room on the printed invites for you to add party details - or turn the invite over if you need more space. If it is difficult to take telephone calls without the birthday boy (or girl!) asking questions, then provide the number of a friend who can cross off attendees. Or try providing an email address they can use instead. Make sure you update your guest list immediately you here from someone - it is very easy to forget who said what if you leave it too long!

I hope you like these two invites and they work well for your event.

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