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Secret Santa Gift Exchange or Party Invites

Need some Secret Santa Invitations? These party and gift exchange invites are free to print out. Perfect for an office party - or other social event. FIVE designs to choose from!

It was such fun to design these printable invitations for you!

There are so many different types of gift exchanges so I have tried to cover all possible Secret Santa party scenarios. Take a look around the page and pick your favorite.

Each invite has a free version you can download and print - no sign up needed. Just click on the link in the size that you need.

Secret Santa Parties

Secret Santa Party Invites

A lovely stylish invitation that would work well for different types of gift exchanges and parties. Featuring the man himself :)

The free version prints two per page - simple print and cut apart. Choose your paper size A4 or Letter.

2 Per Page Secret Santa Invites

Father Christmas with Gift

usflag Letter -
Father Christmas Invitation.

blank flag A4 -
Father Christmas Invite

Printed and Delivered

Secret Santa Christmas Holiday Gift Exchange Party Invitation

Want to have this printed and delivered? These fully editable versions are available from Zazzle.

Be sure to switch the flag (top of the page) to your own country for local delivery. 

Click on 'Personalize' to edit your Secret Santa details details. 

Snowy Landscape Gift Delivery!

Father Christmas Secret Santa Party Invitations

Free Printable

Father Christmas delivering the gifts! Very pretty snow landscaped invitation. Unique and stylish.

Again, the free version prints two per page.  Just print and cut apart. There is plenty of room for all your party details - and you can always use the back if you need to add extra information.

Snowy Landscape

usflag Letter -
Snowy Landscape Invitation.

blank flag A4 -
Snowy Landscape Invite

Printed For You

Secret Santa Christmas Gift Exchange Party Invitation

Customize your design via Zazzle and they will print and deliver. 

All the text can be personalized - just click on the 'Personalize' button. You can even add a message to the back of the invite. 

Secret Santa Gift Exchange Invitations

Large, foldable invitation - one per page. The inside gives you plenty of space to write extra details or instructions about the gift exchange.

If you need to print a lot of these, then remember to stock up on red ink!

Christmas Lights Designs

Free Printable Secret Santa Gift Exchange Invitations

Simple invite that prints two to a page - just cut apart after printing. I added a place for you to mention the value of the Secret Santa gift.

Gift Exchange

Party Invitation

This is the same invite as above, but I changed the wording for you, to make it more suitable for a party.

Secret Santa Party Invitations - Free Printable

I hope you manage to find the perfect invitation here!

If you want to see what other Christmas invitations I have you can see them here:  Printable Christmas Party Invitations

I hope your party goes well - and you have a wonderful festive holiday.

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Secret Santa Party and Gift Exchange Invitations

Christmas Gift Exchange Invitations

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