How To Celebrate New Year

How To Celebrate New Year

How to celebrate new year 2024! If you prefer to celebrate at home rather than partying, then check out these 20 fun ideas of what to do on New Year's eve.

Fun Ideas To Celebrate New Year's Eve At Home

Not sure what to do? These tips and ideas will keep you cheerful and occupied. 

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  1. Make New Year Goals Or Resolutions
    Another new year, another chance to make some changes in your life. Spend some time thinking about how you would like 2024 to be for you. I am loving Leonie Dawson's Life Goals Workbook this year. Or just make a list of 100 things you would like to do in the coming year - big or small.
  2. Host a Pajama Party
    Invite some friends over, and have a spa party. Snuggle down in sleeping bags to watch a movie (and eat popcorn!).
  3. Make a Fancy Dinner
    Make an effort and cook something you wouldn't normally - and serve it on your best china. Add some table decorations and some soft candlelight. Make some champagne ice cubes to have in your drinks. 
  4. Clear out your closet
    Put every item of clothing you didn't wear this read in a garbage bag ready to donate. You can start the new year with a fresh slate!
  5. Toast marshmallows
    Get your fire-pit going and toast marshmallows over the open fire. Wrap yourself in a blanket and spend time looking at the stars.
  6. Make a giving plate
    I love this idea of gifting a plate of food - and then the recipient can use the plate to do the same. Get started by making the plate and some cookies!  Find out how to make a giving plate here. Or I have a cute giving bowl on Zazzle that you can use in the same way.
  7. Set up a 'year per page' photo album
    This would be an interesting album to look at each year. Fill a double page with happy times, things achieved, good memories and favorite people of the year just ending - just use one double page. Then do the same next year! and every year after that. 
  8. Read a book
    How about The Children of Men by P.D. James. which opens the story on January 1st 2021. Be warned - it is a dystopian tale!
  9. Make a gratitude board
    Pin pictures of everything you are grateful for on a corkboard. What blessings do you have in your life? It will make a wonderful reminder of gratitude throughout the year.
  10. Play a board game
    Have some fun with a board game. If you are on your own try the Castles of Burgundy Solo edition - otherwise I love Carcasonne!
  11. Call a friend
    Or more! Call everyone you haven't spoken to in a while and wish them a happy new year.
  12. Start a scrapbook
    Set up a scrapbook for the coming year. Collect everything that is important to you during the year (postcards, tickets, articles, photos) and make a 2024 keepsake.
  13. Eat chocolate cookies.
    Because, well, cookies! And you are celebrating.
  14. Do nothing!
    Sit quietly and do absolutely nothing at all. Just be. And see how that feels.
  15. Plan a year of random acts of kindness.
    See if you can plan one RAOK per week for 2024. Set up a Kiva account (read The Bank of Bob!). Investigate Book Crossing. Or make a toy and release it into the wild with the Toy Society. What happiness can you bring to someone?
  16. Take a bath
    Add some candles, use that bath bomb you got for Christmas. Play some gentle music. Sip champagne from a tall glass and nibble on dark chocolate truffles. And relax! How to celebrate new year in style :)
  17. Do a jigsaw
    I know, I know. But I really love jigsaw puzzles! Try a Wasgij for a challenge.
  18. Start a year long project
    Make a start on a new project for 2024. Want to make a quilt? Start a blog? Learn to play the saxophone? Start now to get some momentum going for the new year.
  19. Dance the night away!
    Turn up the music and boogie. 
  20. Plan an adventure for next new year
    Were would you love to be this time next year? Make a plan and spend time researching how you could make it happen.
Celebrate New Year Sparkler

Have fun! And I wish you joy and happiness in 2024.

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