new years eve gift ideas

New Year Gift Ideas

I have some fabulous New Year gift ideas to share with you! 

I love giving new year gifts. I find you can give something more creative or meaningful at this time of year than we tend to do a Christmas. These ideas are perfect for surprising your best friend - or gifting to a hostess at a New Year's Eve party.

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New Year's Eve and Day Gifts

1. Cheers!

This time of year, all things celebration related are welcomed! But you don't have to stop at just a bottle of wine. There are some fun ways to take your gift to the next level!

Gold Glitter Strings | Cheers to the New Year Wine Label

Wine Labels

Wine and champagne labels are an easy way to dress up a bottle and make it more appropriate to the occasion. These stylish 'Cheers' labels are good for New Year's Eve. 

Elegant Engraved Lassarre Champagne Flute

Champagne Flutes

A beautiful engraved champagne flute makes a lovely personalized gift. 

Gin Coloring Tea Bags

A fun gift to infuse gin with color and fragrance. The perfect novelty gift for a gin lover. 

2. 'New Year New You' Gift Ideas

Everyone is thinking about their goals and resolutions at this time of the year - and this gives you lots of gift giving opportunities. There are many ways to wish someone a successful and abundant year, and cheer them on their journey. 

You Got This Inspirational Quote Poster

Motivational Poster

A poster is a lovely way to cheer someone on during the year.

Perfect for someone who's new year resolutions involve running a marathon or starting their own business. 

Gratitude Journal

Many studies have shown the benefits of daily gratitude. Writing down what you are grateful for, for even a few moments a day, can really help with stress and anxiety - and give you a happier outlook.

This 5 year journal makes it Easy to keep up the practice.

Goals Workbook

This year I am loving the Shining Year Life Workbook by Leonie Dawson for getting clarity around my goals. It is a fun workbook that any female would love.

5 Year Water Log Book

If the recipient has health goals for 2020 then this 5 year water log book would make an ideal gift. Log water intake every day for 5 years! 

3. Cute Ideas for Best Friends and Coworkers

Money Frog

A money frog is symbolic and represents abundance and wealth. It is said to attract  money when placed in a feng shui wealth corner.

It makes a fun gift and a unique talking point. And maybe your best friend will attract enough money to buy you a great gift next year!

Year in Review Photobook

If you have a little time before gift giving, then how about starting a 'Year in Review' Yearbook to gift?

New Year's Eve Gift Idea - Yearbook

Fill the first double page of a photo album with pictures, mementos and cuttings to represent the year coming to a close.  

Mark each following double page with the next year date through to the end of the book. The recipient can then fill those pages each year to fill the book with memories and reminders of that year.

This makes a great year overview to look back through. It works especially well for newly married couples or college students. 

More New Year Gift Ideas

1. Wine Chiller

2. Coasters

3. Flowers or plant

4. DIY Scarf with pockets

5.  Homemade pie

6. Cheese hamper

7. Wooden tray

8. Self care gift basket

9. Decanter

10. Personalized keychain

11. Gift in a Jar

12. Chocolates

13. Leather Journal

14. Fruit basket

15. Shot glasses

16.  Candles/Candle holder

17. Pen Set

18. Personalized apron 

19. Personalized mug

20. Photo frame

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