Beach Party Invitation

Beach Party Invitation

Free Printable Invites 

Yes, summer is here :) Time to find a beach party invitation and go feel the sand between your toes. 

So why not check out these free printable invites as a way to tell your guests.

I was looking for some cute, printer friendly beach invites. Then I thought I would design some.

The invitations on this page are simple but striking. They print out easily - just choose which paper size you require. There is no need to sign up or anything - they are available without any catches!

Printable Beach Party Invitation Cards

Very simple design to save ink! It features fun sunglasses showing beach scenes - perfect for all kinds of parties.

Beach Party Invitation - Free Printable

Free printable:

Free Beach Party Invitation

Sunglasses Invite 

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Sunglasses Invites.

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Beach Invitation

Another simple printer friendly design.

This one is in fun yellow and orange, complete with beach-ball! This one is so bright and fun it is sure to make people want to come to your party! 

Printable Beach Party Invitation

Print your own:

Printable Beach Party Invitation

Beach Invitations

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Yellow and Orange Invites

I hope you have a wonderful beach party.

If you are interested in some ideas for your event, then do take a look at my Pinterest board. Packed with ideas for recipes, decoration and games.

Follow Julie @'s board Pool and Beach Party Ideas on Pinterest.

Speaking of games! Sometimes just little things can make all the difference at the beach. For children's parties I find it helps to have a 'quiet activity' you can do, as well as the normal noisy games. It is worth packing a few things just in case everyone needs to let their lunch settle! 

Some of the things we do include :

  • Pack some beach or pirate themed books for a read aloud.
  • Take some paint and brushes, then do some rock painting.
  • See who can build the highest stone tower, or find the smallest shell.
  • Make sandcastles.
  • Use the sand to draw out a naughts and crosses board - or to play hopscotch.

Take a little notebook with you to remind you of any other games or activities you could try - and use it to keep track of what you need to take. 

Want to see more invite ideas? Take a peek at my others :)

More Beach/Summer Invitations

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Beach Party Invitation
Free printable beach party invitation templates
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