Printable Baby Boy Shower Invitations 

Free Boy Baby Shower Invites

Do you need some baby boy shower invitations? These free printable boy shower cards are a lovely way to invite your guests.

There are two slightly different styles to choose from - so you can match the look to your party.

Both of the designs on this page are suitable for boy showers. They each print one invite per page then fold up to make a card. 

If they are not quite what you are wanting, do check out the other baby shower invites on this site. I have  a few that would suit a baby boy perfectly :)

Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Simple but striking. No images on this one, just words. It looks great when printed out and folded into a card.

This is a wonderfully modern invitation with strong bold colors.

Printable Baby Boy Shower Invitations - Free Invite Cards

Print your own:

Boy Shower Invite 

usflag Letter -
Baby Boy Shower Invite.

blank flag A4 -
Boy Shower Invitations (A4)

A slight variation on the theme. This contemporary invite is in portrait format.

Again, I only used words for this invitation. 

Baby Boy Shower Invitations - Free Printable Invitation Card

Print your own:

Baby showers are nothing new - all cultures have a way of welcoming a new baby. I guess it is such a special event that we all want to celebrate it in our own way. It is a wonderful way to support a new Mum, and give her the help she needs.

Choosing an invite doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! Our free printable invites give you a wide selection - and can be printed straight away with no registration. What could be better?

Want to make your invite a little bit special? Using colored paper and envelopes can add a unique element. It is also getting popular to include a photo of the newborn as a gift for guests.

Did you know that there is a lot of tradition around a baby's first haircut! Especially when it comes to boys. Find out more here!

Not quite what you were looking for? How about one of these instead? :)

More Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Boy Shower Invitations

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