100 things to do this year

100 Things To Do This Year

Every year I write out a list of 100 things to do.

It isn't a major bucket list or set of goals - just a list of simple and fun things that to help celebrate the year and life. It keeps you focused on the little things that matter and reminds you that the more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

I don't always get to tick off everything. It isn't supposed to make you feel bad if you don't do it all. It is to help you remember that taking a moment to enjoy your life is what it is all about. 

The more you celebrate life quote

Fun Ideas To Do

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Here are 100 ideas to get you started! 

2020 Word of the year ideas

1. Choose a word for the year
Having a word or a theme really helps you to keep focused on what you want from the year. What will your year be? Adventurous? Or Peaceful?

2. Keep a Gratitude Journal
Gratitude is a wonderful way to celebrate your life - and really helps with anxiety and depression. Listing a few things you are grateful for need only take a few minutes a day. Need an easy gratitude to get you started? You can find one here. 

3. Start a scrapbook
Set up a scrapbook for the coming year. Collect everything that is important to you during the year (postcards, tickets, articles, photos) and make a 2020 keepsake.

4. Blow Bubbles

5. Make and fly kites

6. Sail a toy boat

7. Do some star gazing

8. Build a snowman

9. Dance in the rain

10. Go on a cycle ride with your bestest friends

11. Make a giving plate
I love this idea of gifting a plate of food to someone - and then the recipient can use the plate to do the same.  Find out how to make a giving plate here.

12. Throw a chocolate fondue party

13. Have a picnic and look at the clouds

14. Have a pajama day

15. Go to an art gallery

16. Do a jigsaw puzzle

17. Go to an open air concert

18. Watch a firework display

19. Grow a flower (or some herbs)

20. Go out for a fancy tea!

21. Climb a tree

22. Re-read your favorite ever book (or watch your favorite ever movie)

23. Carve a pumpkin

24. Bake chocolate chip cookies (or a cake in a mug!)

25. Paint a canvas

26. Play a card game for jelly beans

27. Send a postcard

28. Do a random act of kindness

29. Have chocolate for breakfast

30.  Have supper around an open fire (complete with marshmallows and sparklers!)

Celebrate New Year Sparkler

31. Go on a boat or train ride

32. Have breakfast somewhere unusual

33. Look for four leafed clovers.

34. Organize your greetings cards in advance

35. Go the the park and feed the ducks.

36. Write a poem or a haiku

37. Take a panoramic photograph of your street

38. Create your own birthday ritual

39. Go the the beach and paddle in the sea

40. Eat ice cream

41. Get a letterboard and add your favorite quotes

42. Hula hoop!

43. Go camping (or glamping!)

44. Take a trip to a candy store

45. Go sledding

46. Volunteer for the day

47. Send an unexpected gift in the mail to someone

48. Win a prize

49. Call someone just to compliment them

50. Have Mimosas for breakfast

51. Spend the day in bed

52. Read a ghost story by flashlight

53. Look through old photo albums and frame your favorite memories

54. Make a vision board

55. Learn something new

56. Build a den

57. Have a snail race

58. Paint your toenails

59. Try a new recipe

60. Keep a Journal

61. Self publish a book

62. Dance the night away

63. Do a push up

64. Buy the biggest bunch of flowers you can afford

65. Organize your digital photos

66. Write yourself a mantra

67. Say 'no' to something you don't want to do

68. Buy a lotto ticket

69. Send yourself a Valentine's day card

70. Wear only one color (pink!) for a whole day

71. Do a 30 day challenge

72. Buy something you love from a local small business

73. Take a vacation

74. Teach someone something you are good at

75. Declutter a closet

76. Accept a compliment

77. Wear an ankle bracelet

78. Get a money frog and put it in your feng shui money area

79. Find a rainbow

80. Go barefoot

81. Start a blog 

82. Make snow candy

83. Take a full day away from all devices

84. Keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge - and celebrate often

85. Hold a snake (or a tarantula!)

86. Learn a magic trick

87. Make a Bento Box lunch

88. Go to a new class

89. Meditate

90. Learn to do a hard yoga pose

91. Go the the Zoo

92. Make a house of cards

93. Go geocaching

94. Try Shiva Nata

95. Have a cherry-pip spitting competition

96. Hatch a caterpillar

97. Go skinny dipping

98. Memorize a poem

99. Read a comic book

100. Plan an adventure for next year

I am looking forward to having fun with these 100 things to do this year! What will be on your list? I wish you joy, happiness and much celebration throughout the year - and I know you will love having a list of 100 things to do this year to keep you on track.

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