Printable Easter Party Invitations

Having a kids Easter egg hunt Party? These printable Easter party invitations will be just the thing.

Kids just love hunting eggs - and parties in general! So why not combine the two. And these free printable invites will make inviting your guests a piece of ....chocolate egg! Two great designs both featuring chocolate eggs.

Printable Easter Party Invitations

Very cute chick on an egg. A fun way to invite guests to your party!

This invitation prints onto a single page and then folds to make a card. Lots of space inside to write out the event details.

Printable Easter Invitations - free party invites

Free printable:

Free printable Easter Egg Party Invites

Chick on Egg Invite 

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Printable Easter Invite.

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Easter Egg Invitation

Simple but classic design of a pile of colored eggs in a basket. This is quite striking when printed up. It prints onto a single page then folds into a card. Don't use paper that is too thick, or it will make it difficult to fold.

Printable Easter Egg Invitations

Print your own:

Free printable Easter invites

 Easter Basket Invitation

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Printable Egg Basket Invitation.

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Easter Invite Card

No Easter party would be complete without an egg hunt - however old your guests! No-one is ever to old for this fun game! If you are looking for more activities, how about these easter crafts for kids

Eggs have played a big part at this time of year for centuries. The egg has been a symbol of birth around the world for centuries. Exchanging eggs in the springtime is a custom that goes back many centuries. They were often wrapped in gold leaf (if you could afford it!) or colored brightly by dying them with leaves and petals. 

When I was a child we would take our dyed eggs and roll them down a nearby hill. The winner was the one who could get their egg to the bottom intact! It is a good idea to take spares - everyone is gong to want a second try. 

You can find out more about Easter egg traditions at Wikipedia - and check out this bizarre tradition reported by the BBC

I hope you have a wonderful party!

I have other printables if you would like to take a look :)

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Printable Easter Party Invitations