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Looking for a book launch invitation? 

Many congratulations on getting your book out there - what a fabulous achievement.

So, now let's invite everyone to your party. 

These free printable book launch party invites give you three ways to share your good news. 

Three completely different invitations to suit all types of events. Scroll down and pick your favorite

Book Launch Invitation Templates

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Books! Lots of them. This is a colorful invite that sends a great message.

These invitations print out onto a single page each - and then fold into a sturdy card. Lots of space inside to insert your party details.

Book Launch Invitation Card

Free printable version:

Printable Book Launch Invitation

Book Launch Invite 

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Books Invite.

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Launch Invitation

A bright and fun circles invitation. I really liked the colors in this one - and the way the circles flow out from the book.

Again, this folds into a card with party details inside.

Printable Book Launch Invitation - Free

Print your own:

Book Launch Invitation - Free Printable Party Invites

Book Circles Invitation

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Book Launch Card.

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Circles Book Invites

Printed For You:

Book Launch Invitation
Balloons Book Launch Invitation
Book Launch Party Invitation

Bright and bold. This one has a striking blue and red striped border.

It prints out two invitations per page - just cut apart and they are ready to use. Very versatile - this one would work for lots of events.

Free Printable Book Launch Party Invitation

Free printable:

Book Launch Party Invites

Striped Book Launch Party

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Book Launch.

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Launch Party Invites

Many congratulations on getting your book out into the world.

But I know from experience that this is just the beginning. Having a book published, or publishing it yourself, is just the first step in the journey. Now you need to promote it and spread the word. Too many excellent books languish because they just don't get the exposure they need.

Hosting a book launch party is a great way to get people to help you celebrate - and spread the word about your book. There is some good information about how to throw a book party here - but I would like to add a couple of ideas too.

  • Have some cards printed out with exact details of how to buy your book. If someone isn't ready to buy straight away - or they run into someone later who would be the perfect audience - then having a card with them will really help.
  • If you have the budget for it, why not get some mugs, key fobs or mouse mats made up with your book details. Either give these away to guests or use a prizes. There are several places that do this - my favorite is zazzle! Make sure the items really portray your book and again, include details of where to buy.

I hope that helps! Have a wonderful book launch.

Not quite what you were looking for? I have a lot of invitations on the site, including some very generic party ones that might work for a book launch.

Take a look and see if any of these would suit you better.

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