Pony Party Invitations

Looking for pony party invitations? Take a look at my free printable invites. These would be great for birthdays, pony rides or horse themed events.

I have been playing around with pony invite designs. Almost as much fun as having the party :)

On this page are two pony designs. Very different - but both print out two per page. After you have printed them, cut them down the middle.

You don't need to register to download - just select the paper size you wish to use and the download will open in a new window.

Printable Pony Party Invitations

I have some horse photograph type invites that seem really popular on this site, so I used a photograph of a pony for this one too. I think it is a Shetland? 

I used a high quality image so it prints out nicely - and there is plenty of room to write your celebration details. A great way to invite kids to come and ride with you.

Pony Party Invitations - Free Printable

Free printable:

Free Pony Party Invitations

Shetland Invite 

usflag Letter -
Shetland Invites.

blank flag A4 -
Shetland Pony Invitation

Something a little different for this one!

I used a pinky-purple floral pattern for the border - and then matched the pony image to it. It is very pretty when printed out. Probably more suitable for girls though!

Free Pony Party Invitations

Print your own:

Pink Invitation

usflag Letter -
Pink Pony Invitation.

blank flag A4 -
Floral Invites

Pony parties make a great birthday treat for kids - whether you are actually going to take a horse ride, or just theme your party that way.

I hope these invitations give you an easy way to invite your guests.

Want to see more invitation ideas? I have several more for you to take a look at :)

More Horse Invites!

Pony Party Invitations

Free Printable Pony Party Invitations for Kids

If you have any tips for holding pony or horse themed parties, I would love you to tell me about them. What things did you do for your kids party? Leave me a comment in the box below.

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