Funny Wedding Invitations

Free Printable Humorous Invite Cards

Getting married?

We don't all want soppy or serious wedding invites! Thesefunny wedding invitations will bring a smile to your guest's faces!

The invitations are free and printable. Just select your favorite and print it out. What could be easier! No registration and waiting.

These fun invites fold to make a card - and there is plenty of space to write your invite details inside.

To keep your printing costs down these invites have a plain background. Brighten them up by printing them onto coloured paper.

Funny Wedding Invitations

This funny happy couple says it all! What nicer way to announce your marriage than this fun card.

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Funny Wedding invitations - Free Printable Invites

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Joyful Couple

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Funny Wedding Invite.

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Funny Invite

This funny card makes a great invite. It will certainly bring a smile to your guest's faces! 

Free printable funny wedding invitations

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Are you someone who doesn't want to buy into the commercialism of today's weddings? Want to keep things light and friendly? These humorous invite cards bring a lighter note to any wedding.

Here's a funny story. Many years ago my Aunt and her partner decided to adopt a baby. The adoption process in the UK is long and very formal - but they were finally accepted! They were then told that a baby had been selected - they just needed to provide a copy of their marriage certificate (which had apparently been overlooked!).

Horrors! They weren't married. The social workers were shocked and told them they had a week to put things right! This certainly wasn't the time to plan a large 'do'! My Mum helped my aunt shop for a suitable outfit. Another aunt baked a cake. And the family were all called and told to rally round!

The marriage went without a hitch - and thankfully, their new baby was soon brought home to meet the new bride and groom!

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Funny Wedding Invitation

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