Birthday Party Invites

Birthday Party Invites!  

Need some kids party invitations - how about some free printable ones? These cute desgins are a wonderful way to invite your guests to your event - whatever theme it has.

Is it time for a birthday? The birthday party invites on this page feature cute teddy bears! Choose your favorite and download it straight away - no need to sign up. 

Kids Birthday Party Invites

Lets start with a yellow and red design! It features a pretty starand dot pattern - and a very cute bear.

This would work really well for a very young child - and I think for both boys and girls.

Kids Birthay Party Invites - Printable

Free printable:

Printable Birthday Party Invites

Yellow Bear Invite 

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Yellow Bear Invites.

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Bear Party Invitation

Another cute bear, but a very different design. This one features a bear holding a birthday party sign.

It prints out lighter than it looks here (at least, it did on my printer when I tested it!) but will still probably use more ink than the design above.

Free Birthday Party Invites

Print your own:

Free Kids Birthday Party Invites

Bear Sign Invitation

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Bear Sign Invites.

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Bear Invites

I think cute bears make a lovely way to invite guests to your child's birthday.

Are you having a bear themed party? A camping party? Or maybe a teddy bear's picnic! If it is a tea party then do check out my tea party invites incase you love them more! 

We never held a teddy bear party - but I found this lovely description of a brown bear party here that might give you some ideas.

Did you want to see more invites before you decided? I have lots available on this site, but here are three of my favorites!

More Kids Invites

Birthday Party Invites

Free Printable Birthday Party Invites - Kids

I would love to hear about your party! Why not leave me a comment below.

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