Christmas Tea Party Invitations

Want to invite someone to tea during the festive holiday?These free printable Christmas tea party invitations are a stylish way to do it!

Two Christmasy designs to get your guests in the spirit. Choose from a stylish red tree design, or a holly and candle image.

These fun invites fold to make a card with space to write your party details.

They look wonderful when printed and personalized with a little festive glitter.

Christmas Tea Party Invitations

Traditional Yuletide design. This festive candle design prints and folds to make a card.

Free printable Christmas tea party invitations - festive candle design

This is a more modern design. It features a white holiday tree on a red background. If you are printing a lot, do be sure to check you have plenty of red ink available.

Christmas tea party invitations - free printable holiday tree invite cards

Free printable Christmas tea invitation - christmas design teacup

Planning Ideas

The festive season is a wonderful time to entertain - and Christmas tea is even more special.

People often have dinner quite late at Christmas, so plan the timings of your tea party carefully. Will your guests be hungry, or just need a little nibble as a stop gap? A buffet type meal works very well, as your guests can help themselves according to their preferences.

Plan your menu carefully so you are not having to work too hard on the day of your Christmas tea. A platter of cold meats with potato salad works well in our house. Remember, you can freeze lots of dishes and then defrost and warm them as they are needed. This site has some good Christmas baking recipes to try.

More Christmas Invitations

Christmas Tea Party Invitations

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